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Oaklands Primary Academy is a vibrant, lively academy for children aged between 2 and 11. We’re proud to offer a high standard of education to our pupils – a number that’s rising every year. The children are divided into mixed ability classes. They enjoy outstanding facilities in two main buildings, each of which has its own central hall/ gymnasium,  sports fields, safety surface playgrounds, ICT wireless and laptops/tablets and shared art areas. Pupils also benefit from the Academy’s unique location, at the heart of a magnificent, unspoilt valley – the ideal spot for nature studies.

Parents and carers are much involved at Oaklands Primary Academy. In fact, thanks to a flourishing Parents and Teachers Association, we have many new additional facilities. We welcome parents’ interest in Academy activities – for us, they are part of Academy and community life.

We’ve worked hard to develop our responsibility posts within the Academy, and have created a structured and expanding curriculum. Our staff work closely together and co-ordinate their plans to ensure there’s continuity in this curriculum between Infant and Junior age ranges.

We provide nursery education, through our on-site nursery, Oaklands Early Learning, with whom we have strong links.  We also build links with the seven other preschools feeding Oaklands Academy so we can agree suitable pre-academy activities. Oaklands Early Learning Nursery (open mornings and afternoons) has an optional lunch club for children aged two to three years (contact details available from the main office). Oaklands Academy offers both a bespoke breakfast club and an after school club – services that are much valued by many busy, working parents.

As an Academy we are self-governing and not for profit.  We are directly state-funded by the Department for Education and are independent of local authority control. The terms of the arrangements are set out in individual Academy Funding Agreements (see Academy Documentation for further information). We are what is known as a Converter Academy which means that we have voluntarily converted to academy status and therefore do not have a sponsor.  We have formed a close alliance with other academies and this is known as the Ignite Group, 

Our Vision Statement:

At Oaklands Primary Academy children strive to achieve their best in a secure and stimulating environment. We provide a happy, healthy community where everyone can develop confidence, respect for others and a love of learning. At the heart of everything we do are the ‘five Rs’:

  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Responsibility
  • Risk-taking. 


Our teaching, organisation and entire environment are based upon agreed aims and values which underpin the work of the Academy. These aims are:-

  • To create a secure and caring atmosphere that encourages learning. We believe it is important that each child feels happy at academy and looks forward to being here.
  • To plan the range of work we offer and the organisation of the academy, to give children a stimulating and challenging environment in which they can grow intellectually, imaginatively, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • To monitor and assess the progress and ability of each child so we can establish his/her individual needs across the curriculum and match these needs – giving each child the chance to realise their full potential.
  • To foster the child’s interest in the world around them and to develop a love of learning so that each child works with purpose, enjoyment and a pride in his/her achievements.
  • To encourage children to develop lively, enquiring minds capable of a range of learning and thinking strategies, such as the ability to question; solve problems; gather, interpret and organise knowledge; think logically and make reasoned judgements; record and communicate information, at a level appropriate to their age and ability.

To deliver a curriculum which ensures children acquire and develop: 

  • both mental and physical skills and abilities
    • concepts in all areas of the curriculum which will enable the child to organise knowledge and experience
    • positive attitudes towards learning, experience, people, environment, and society.

To develop and maintain a climate of

  • co-operation, respect, understanding and confidence.
    • initiative
    • the ability to make informed choices
    • leadership and self-discipline.

Through working together within the academy community, we encourage children to develop positive moral values and qualities and become progressively more aware of themselves as responsible members of the academy community. We ensure that the academy environment is one within which the children feel valued as individuals, have confidence in their own capabilities and are encouraged to develop their own talents and interests as much as possible. In this way, each child is personally enriched and able to contribute to a changing and developing society. Every child is given equal opportunity to benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum, which actively involves children in their learning and promotes the highest possible standards of academic achievement..  We encourage children to respect others and promote high standards of behaviour and courtesy towards their peers and adults. This includes respect for everyone’s race, religion and culture, gender and physical ability.

Our Values
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