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Academy Grants

Financial Governance:

The Head teacher is the Principal Accounting Officer of the Academy and ensures that day to day financial management of the Academy adheres to the highest standards of recommended practise for accounting. The Finance and Audit committee ensure that comprehensive and strategic financial planning will secure and underpin the long term viability of the Academy.
The Academy is subject to a vigorous auditing regime with visits each term from the Responsible Officer and External Auditors. They both issue comprehensive reports to the Governing Board who action any of the recommendations. A very detailed year end visit is then undertaken in order to put together the Statutory Accounts and Financial Statements.
Probity and Transparency will always be the core values that underpin the Financial Governance of the Academy which in turn ensures Value for Money.


We have a number of key relationships with other Academies where shared ideas and practices help raise standards and significantly contribute to the wider school improvement agenda.  Our Deputy Head Teacher has the accreditation of Specialist Leader in Education and is a National E-Safety Assessor. Alongside the Headteacher, the Senior Leadership Team do a huge amount of outreach work supporting vitally important projects like Challenge the Gap. The Academy contributes to the development of the following programmes; Outstanding Teacher Programme, Challenge The Gap and the NQT programme. All of this has required a huge investment in resources but is now producing fantastic returns in terms of our professional reputation and has lead to the creation of new income streams. Most importantly it shows our commitment to raising standards in other schools and academies, not just our own.

Pupil Premium:

Pupil premium funding has been used to provide a full time Parent, Pupil Support Manager whose role it is to support vulnerable learners and families from deprived backgrounds to ensure equality of opportunity.  There has also been additional investment in developing Sports enrichment at lunchtimes which is fully utilised to target equality fo access to playground games for full participation. Socail and emotional needs are also prioritised in this way.

Sports Funding and Outdoor Learning:

We are very proud of our Outdoor Learning provision and are developing a Forest School programme, a fantastic opportunity which will be available to every one of our children. We are currently using our PE grant to provide coaching for all children, not just the talented ones, in many different sports and activities. This has been hugely successful and is very popular with our children and their families. We have also seen a positive impact on learning and behaviour.

Safeguarding, Security and Fire Protection:

Our first Duty will always be to protect our whole school community and this year we made major investments in these areas. We relocated our administration offices and also installed a new entry system. This has not only improved the safety of all but has lead to greater efficiencies in the administration of the Academy.

Our Commitment Going Forward:

We will always ensure our limited resources are targeted where they are most needed and in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. The sole objective is to improve the educational outcomes of every single child in a safe and secure learning environment.

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